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Peter Vu


During my studies, I opted to first study Civil Engineering. Part-way through, I ended up making a switch to a Business program, with my interest in building infrastructures with business influencing my program change, and helped put me on the path I am on today.

Graduating from the Business program while being enrolled in my studies for Real Estate provided me with time to develop further skills essential to help benefit my clients. This meant being able to answer questions to the best of my ability or find the answer as soon as possible, respecting client’s busy lives and schedules, and limiting stress in the process.

Working in different industries has provided me with immeasurable experiences, and has shown me that a job is never done until everyone benefits and leaves with a smile on their face. From being a pizza cook (yum), a bartender, to working in Guest Services and Operations, all of these opportunities have provided me with hard work and insight that apply to my current and future clients.

Work with me

Although TrilliumWest was officially born in 2014 as a licensed real estate brokerage in Ontario, the concept had been incubating for some time. It is the result of a decade’s worth of experience, reasoned thought, and planning. Too often we had witnessed the seemingly care-free attitude towards the responsibilities of assisting clients through the complexities of a real estate transaction. Engaging the right people as our representatives seemed critically important to us. Equally often, we had wondered why the traditional brokerage-sales representative relationship wasn’t more of a partnership. We were not going to sit back and watch as the public began to lose patience with our industry. Change was imminent, and we were determined to be the face of that change.